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Helen & Sam

Since I was a little girl I have been very social! I love any excuse to have a party…a wedding, a friend’s birthday, holidays, taco Tuesday! I started planning weddings and events in 2004 and although each event is very different, I have the same goal for each: make sure my clients smile all day! I am very organized but also laid back. I firmly believe every person deserves to have a relaxed and memorable day regardless if it is an outdoor barn wedding, milestone birthday extravaganza, or annual family reunion. I know my clients want to spend time with friends and family celebrating and I am there to worry about the smallest of details and to make sure your guests know what your vision is throughout your event.​

​things that make me happy dance...

" made it so that my family could enjoy themselves and worry as little as possible."

Greyscale Group

Sarah and Ryan

" made executive decisions that are EXACTLY what I would have done myself. "


Ryan and I thought you were incredible and we truly mean that! You made our day easier. you made our day more fun and special. You kept track of things that I would have completely forgotten. I've seen many many wedding planners and assistants, and I would rank you so very high among all that I have seen. You and your assistant were honestly like our extra sets of hands - like behind the scenes ninjas that insured everything went as well as it possibly could have gone. You made executive decisions that are EXACTLY what I would have done myself. 

There were even a couple things on our wedding day that I distinctly remember you coming up to me in the most polite way ever ever ever and making me aware of, and you made executive decisions that are EXACYLY what i would have done myself. We were so so happy to have you on our wedding day!! We could not have done it without you - and that's wholeheartedly true!

tacos, puppy kisses, coffee, the salty smell of the ocean, 90s hip-hop, cooking (especially for others), any reason to dance, champagne, parades, tacos, parties, camping, crime shows, bubble baths, stage plays, red wine, northern michigan sunsets, and the one true love of my life and other half of my soul, my husband of 15 years♥
​....and tacos

Belle Photography

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bees, my naturally curly hair combined with humidity, any attempt on my part to take a selfie, eggs, running out of coffee, when I burn cookies, hot summer days and leather car seats, every time I wear white and inevitably spill something, spiders, thunder and lightning, and
​...not having tacos | 231-218-9927

social butterfly weddings and events is a full-service wedding and event planning company based in Traverse City, Michigan but serving all of Michigan and beyond! 

​we love pretty palettes, attention to detail, fresh ideas, working with clients to bring their visions to life, and clients who aren’t afraid to let their personalities shine on their big day.

whether you are looking for a small, intimate, private event overlooking the lake, a five-star meal at a top restaurant or a formal, black-tie, grand event, we will be there from start to finish making your event exquisite and memorable.

​​We are so incredibly grateful for the work you did making our big day run smoothly. You have been such a positive and supportive guide all along the journey, and you made it so that my family could enjoy themselves and worry as little as possible. 

Thank you for your expert tips, patience, and behind-the-scenes awesomeness. You are caring, conscientious, and exactly what every bride needs. Thank you again for everything.